Health at Every Size

  You can engage in health seeking behaviours at any size A high BMI does not make you unhealthy A high body % fat does not necessarily make you unhealthy Think of the other components of health such as Cardiorespiratory Fitness The Metabolically Healthy Obese (MHO) phenotype is a condition in which obesity co-exists with

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  I first met Aidan Mackey when I joined a local Over 50’s gym class in March 2018 (CSP Gym, Bray).  The class was a mix of strength, conditioning and aerobic workouts. He was patient, explained when necessary and encouraged us. We as a class had great craic, even though we were working hard. In


Emer’s Testimonial

Progress in many ways: This before and after was done in three weeks. It was a quick fix, but we knew that going into it. What followed was 2 months of learning, behaviour change and seeing progress in various domains. “My boyfriend said he really noticed the difference in me when I’m not struggling with

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Tessa’s Testimonial

“My name is Tessa and I am an olympic weightlifter and crossfitter and ex gymnast. I was looking for a nutrition coach that understood weightlifting and weight cuts ect. In the past, I have tried to track macros but ended up in a loop of eating clean mon-thurs and then throwing all macros out for

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Amanda’s Testimonial

“I was looking for a nutritionist specifically for sports performance and after a bit of searching Aidan was recommended to me. As he was involved in the world of crossfit and would know how the training worked it was perfect. We started off with an email and then had a video call to discuss what

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Anto’s Testimonial

“I have been working with Aidan  the last few months now. I  would definitely recommend him. We set a goal of dropping 9kg and I reached that within 5 months . Throughout the duration of losing kilos my strength in lifting was unaffected and more importantly my performance in wods has been at its peak.

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