Becca, 29, Dublin

“If you are looking to excel in your training and when you’re competing, I would really recommend Aidan.

He’s been so helpful for the past two years for me. I’ve grown from an intermediate to an RX athlete” 

Dearbhail , 34, Wicklow

“Over the period of a year I went down around 20 kilos and two clothes sizes and obviously that made such a difference, all of a sudden I had so much more energy, I felt better about myself… I felt more comfortable in my clothes…

One of the biggest recommendations I can make is that Aidan really does build that autonomous structure in place because since I’ve finished with Aidan I’ve continued to lose weight and I’ve gone down another clothes size, that’s really helped my performance in the gym as well” 


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Mark, 41, Wicklow

“You couldn’t get a better person to work with. He explains everything down to a tee, you are never left wondering what he was trying to get across to you”

“Since I started with Aidan my performance has improved, 100%. My body composition has improved which is always good and my overall knowledge of nutrition has improved immensely”

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