Tessa’s Testimonial

“My name is Tessa and I am an olympic weightlifter and crossfitter and ex gymnast.

I was looking for a nutrition coach that understood weightlifting and weight cuts ect. In the past, I have tried to track macros but ended up in a loop of eating clean mon-thurs and then throwing all macros out for the weekend. I also wanted a plan and to know what the plan was and how long I would be in a phase etc so I could look ahead and in the long term.

I wanted to have a better relationship with food. I love to eat and I love junk food but I also want to be in the best shape I can be for weightlifting and crossfit and I know food is a major part of this.

I have really enjoyed working with Aidan! He is always positive even if I’m not and reassuring that I’m doing a great job even when I feel like maybe I could have done better. He is super helpful and explains everything. I also like that its not just macros, he also has habit goals I am supposed to meet and track every week which I think are great. I also like that he tailors the macros to the person’s lifestyle. I like higher calories on the weekend so I can have something to look forward to too.

He always listens to what I am looking for and doesn’t hesitate to come up with solutions together. His website and check in form are also way above any other nutrition coach I have worked with. It also has a great progress tab where you can literally see every week so if you are ever questioning your progress you just cant! It is right there in front of you.

My goals when I started were just to be consistent and stick to the program. I also wanted to lose fat and gain muscle. I am honestly so impressed with my progress. I have put in the hard work and done everything (well mostly ?) Aidan says and the results are fab. So far I have lost 3.5kg and I’m not a person that worries about a number on the scale (besides for weightlifting). More importantly to me I am able to lift as much or more than ever and I feel the fittest I havefelt in a long time. I feel great.

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