Amanda’s Testimonial

“I was looking for a nutritionist specifically for sports performance and after a bit of searching Aidan was recommended to me. As he was involved in the world of crossfit and would know how the training worked it was perfect.

We started off with an email and then had a video call to discuss what I wanted from the plan and went from there.

The portal used is excellent. All communication is done through this. From uploading data from mfp to recording daily habits decided upon to completing checkins. There is also a wealth of information on every aspect of nutrition from eating out to meal ideas at home.

I wanted to dial in my nutrition as I felt it was the last piece of the puzzle. I had always eaten well enough but needed help with the how’s, when’s and why’s. Knowing Aidan had completed the Mac nutrition course I knew he’d be very knowledgeable and be able to give me the right advice.

I’ve been working with Aidan from January and my performance has improved since then. It was definitely a factor in me finishing 13th in the 35-39 age group in the crossfit open age group online qualifiers.

I feel well fueled for training, eating all the carbs ? with my weightlifting numbers going up and my fitness improving. Even working in the so called ‘treats’ to keep me on track.

Aidan is a very supportive coach and no question is seen as silly. I’ve asked him questions and he’s come back with an answer and the reasons as to why he has come to the conclusion instead of you telling you yes or no. I really like his approach, he is very personable and is always positive with his responses.

I would recommend Aidan to anyone who is looking to improve their nutrition for sports performance and look forward to working with him into the future and helping to improve my performance even more.” More to come from the world beating Amanda ?

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