Emer’s Testimonial

Progress in many ways:

This before and after was done in three weeks. It was a quick fix, but we knew that going into it.

What followed was 2 months of learning, behaviour change and seeing progress in various domains.

“My boyfriend said he really noticed the difference in me when I’m not struggling with IBS. Because it would have just taken a lot out of me, it would have been a big part of my life and control in my life. 

My boyfriend reminds me that I had not had that in weeks and in the the three years we are together he said “I’ve never seen you go this long not being sick”

“I was reflecting on it and I actually just feel really privileged to have worked with you and to have the opportunity to continue to work with you. I feel so lucky to be able to do this type of work and get this type of coaching – and to the standard you deliver the coaching is just phenomenal”

“To check in on my 1rm testing and all that its just a real holistic view, and to give me some training advice. Like I really, really appreciate that and it feels so nice to have a coach that you feel really supported by…

“And its so nice that other people are recognizing the positive impact this is having on me.”

Emer and I had a good laugh about the type of behaviour change we saw occur over the last three months, culminating in her going for a gourmet pizza on a weekend break and ordering a side of vegetables – “all I had to do was eat my vegetables, because I knew it would help with my IBS and it worked”

Onwards we go, with a new phase beginning in January ?

Well done to Emer for being open, honest and receptive to everything we do ?


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