I first met Aidan Mackey when I joined a local Over 50’s gym class in March 2018 (CSP Gym, Bray).  The class was a mix of strength, conditioning and aerobic workouts. He was patient, explained when necessary and encouraged us. We as a class had great craic, even though we were working hard.

In September 2018, I was admitted to hospital and had to have Angioplasty (Stent) due to an arterial blockage of 98%.  My cardiologist could not understand why I did not have either a stroke or a heart attack. He then looked at my file and asked what type of gym I went to. When he heard it was Crossfit type weights etc. he concluded that my HDL had increased sufficiently due to the workouts and protected my heart from damage. He suggested that after a couple of months rehab I should continue going to this gym because the Coaching Staff obviously knew what they were doing.

I was not allowed back to the gym until the end of January 2019. However, there was a list of restrictions as to the type of exercises I could do but having had a talk with Aidan he accommodated all the changes that were necessary.

At the end of January 2019, months of inactivity had taken its toll. My weight was 87kgs, and my overall body size had grown to 2XXL. I knew I needed 1:1 Health/Nutrition coaching and realised that Aidan was the man to look after me. This was a man I knew I could trust to help me. I approached him and he agreed.

Aidan is a true professional, trustworthy,  highly knowledgeable, a fantastic listener and is empathetic beyond his years.  I was 59 years, severely depressed, overweight, out of work and believed if I didn’t take control of my body that I would end up living a life of dependence or worst case, dead.

We have been on a journey since 29 January 2019 and I have learnt so much from Aidan. I feel I now have control over my health and that has not been easy for either of us (  our first meeting I informed him that I would never have a weighing scales in my house for either my body or my food). Having been educated about how our bodies work, how food is used up etc. I now have  a weighing scales for both, since the end of May 2019 and wow how my life has changed hugely.

Aidan uses a very holistic approach to health. This is where I have benefited from both mentally and physically. He listened, questioned and suggested daily tasks to help both and eventually built up a regime which has changed my life forever. He also had the patience when I didn’t understand something, he explained ad infinitum until I understood.

These are a few of the changes that we have achieved:


Feb 2019

Nov 2019

Weight:                                             87Kg 77kg

Chest:                                               106.5cm 103.0cm

Waist:                                                110.0cm 96.5cm

Hips:                                                 113.5cm 101.0cm

Thigh:                                                 58.0cm 48.0cm

Arms:                                                  35.0cm 27.5cm

Size:                                                      2XXL 16(top) / 14 (bottom)

Depressive downtimes:                     8/10 wks Nil

Socialising:                                            0.0 Every opportunity

Confidence:                                           30% 99.9%

                                                                  Feb 2019         Sept 2019   

Total Cholesterol (less than 5)                7.2 5.2

HDL (greater than 1.2 for females)          1.4 1.36

LDL                            4.7 2.8
(Optimal = Less than 3. High risk = greater than 4)

Tryglyceride (less than 1.7)                          2.4 2.2

Blood Pressure:                                        138/81 101/72

This is a testament to the effectiveness of Aidan’s work values, his Mission is to educate clients to the point where they don’t need him anymore and I will get to that point but he will forever be my friend and mentor.

Philomena O’Connor

January 2020

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