Testimonial: Ryan

Now2018 January 2018.

“I came to Aidan to lose weight approximately a year ago at a time when I was very overweight. Roughly about 16.7 stone. Over the next few months he showed me his methods that allowed me to melt fat off me; 2.5 stone give or take.

He showed me that its not just about getting a diet plan with something that looks like: chicken, rice, broccoli for breakfast lunch and dinner. He taught me that in fact there is actually leeway even in weight loss. Through his knowledge I gained invaluable information on nutrition and working out in the gym. Also he encouraged me to use one of his methods called a ‘maintenance phase’ – I really think this is how I got the best result possible.

After a few weeks of being in a calorie deficit he would work out whatever calories it was to just maintain my weight. This way I wasn’t constantly being in a energy deficit for weeks on end that brings unwanted side effects such as fatigue,tiredness etc.

However, the most important thing he did was set me up with the know how to do everything by myself (planning workouts, dieting) even after we had finished our agreement for him to help me. As of right now I have kept all the weight off me and I’m currently in a cutting phase devised by myself.”

Ryan Hempenstall, Bray.


February 2017 to May 2017