Health at Every Size

You can engage in health seeking behaviours at any size A high BMI does not make you unhealthy A high body % fat does not necessarily make you unhealthy Think of the other components of health such as Cardiorespiratory Fitness The Metabolically Healthy Obese (MHO) phenotype is a condition in which obesity co-exists with a […]

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12 Week Physique

Make your physique goals a reality by getting in touch with me so that I can construct a plan that is built for YOU.  I’m offering 12 Weeks of truly personalized nutrition and training with the coaching to help you learn what works for you and how to make it stick.  You will be held […]

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Training is Important-er

Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? More importantly, does it matter? If you didn’t bring your protein shake to the gym would you just turn around and go home? That is actually a serious question. Some readers will think it laughable to postpone a gym session just because they forgot their post workout […]

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