12 Week Physique

Make your physique goals a reality by getting in touch with me so that I can construct a plan that is built for YOU. 

I’m offering 12 Weeks of truly personalized nutrition and training with the coaching to help you learn what works for you and how to make it stick. 

You will be held accountable to a plan that is made with you in mind.

– Weekly check ins

– Regular messaging

– Video feedback

– Habit tracking

– Accountability to your nutrition plan whether that be calorie tracking, macro tracking, food guides, habits or any combination I will meet you where you are at and help to get you to where you want to be. 

Your nutrition plan will be tailored to your needs. I will take the time to listen to you, learn about your lifestyle and goals and match your nutrition to your unique requirements with flexibility built in. 

You can change your physique. FINALLY, with no over the top restriction or burning out and spinning your wheels in the gym. 

Look at your training from a new perspective, learn how properly constructed training can allow you to build muscle and strength like never before, with efficiency in mind. 

For Whom?

This is open to males and females who want to make changes to their body composition, whether that be toning up, maximum muscle gain, recomposition (gaining muscle while losing fat), or getting as lean as possible while maintaining muscle and strength.

This is personal training – but online. I’m not counting your reps and telling you to cut carbs. Go to your local leisure centre for that. 


  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must have 2 years of training experience and/or be able to perform to a proficient standard*: 
    Squat pattern (air squat, goblet squat, front squat, back squat, hacksquat, safety bar squat)
  • Hip hinge pattern (kettlebell deadlift, romanian deadlift, good morning, trap bar deadlift)
  • Have access/membership to a gym and be able to train 3 times per week minimum. 
  • Be comfortable to use a camera in the gym to record lifts and to provide video check ins/reflections when necessary. This is personal training online, I need communication, it needs to be personal. 
  • You are able to commit to 12 weeks of regular contact with me on specified days and produce the necessary progress metrics in your check ins. 

    *I will provide technical feedback and help with the gym work so you can get the most out of it but if you need to learn a movement from scratch and have poor motor control you need to get an in person coach to help you before coming to me to work online, sorry. 

Applications for January are Open.

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